Connecting to the UCI Network

Connecting using WiFi:

  1. From your mobile device select the network "UCInet Mobile Access"
  2. Browse to (or try
  3. You will be prompted through Express Registration to join the UCI network.
  4. Login with your UCInetID and password to add your device.
  5. You will be registered and on the network within 2 minutes.

More details are available from OIT at

Connecting to a wired jack:

  1. Find your computer's MAC (Ethernet hardware) address for its wired Ethernet adapter/port.
  2. Register your MAC address at
    • Click the "Manual Registration" tab and login with your UCINetID and password.
      • Even though it states "Mobile Access Registration", this registration is for stationary wired connections as well
    • Click Add MAC Address
      • Type in your MAC address
      • Leave the IP Address field blank
      • Add a comment describing your device (optional)
      • Click Submit.
  3. Set the computer to obtain its network address automatically from DHCP
  4. Plug into an active network jack (typically the one on the top right of the wallplate). Contact and we can find out which jacks are active in your room.

Connecting a Server / Obtaining a static IP address:

If you have a new server, and need to register a DNS name and obtain a static IP addresses you'll need to follow a multi-step process submitting various forms/requests to OIT.

Start here: