RT Request Tracker

Creating service requests:

The School of Engineering is using a ticket tracking system named RT (Request Tracker) to coordinate tasks and manage requests.

Engineering units using RT:

Unit name RT address
CASA casa@eng.uci.edu
Communications communications@eng.uci.edu
Computing Support helpdesk@eng.uci.edu
Facilities facilities@eng.uci.edu
Purchasing purchasing@eng.uci.edu
Reimbursements reimbursements@eng.uci.edu

To create a new request, send a new email to one of these email addresses. You'll receive an auto-reply with a ticket number in the Subject line. Be sure any follow-up replies include that ticket number text (e.g., "[eng.uci.edu #31415]") so that your replies go to the correct ticket.

RT Best practices

  • For a new request, create a new email (don't just reply to a previous ticket).
  • Don't CC an RT email address in an email to others. This will create a storm of new tickets as others reply to your original email.
  • For replies to a ticket, include the ticket number text (e.g., "[eng.uci.edu #31415]") in the Subject line.
  • You'll get a confirmation email when a ticket is closed. Send a prompt reply to re-open that ticket.
  • If you are reporting a problem, please include a screenshot or step-by-step details of your actions.