UCI Directory

Each Engineering faculty member has a campus directory page listed at https://directory.uci.edu.

For example:

By logging in to PHUpdate with your UCInetID and password you can update:

  • picture
  • website URL
  • hours
  • project
  • other info

You can also add a preferred (my.name) email address.

The School of Engineering directory coordinator can update:

  • title
  • phone number (and fax number)
  • office address
  • mailcode (ZOT Code)

These fields are populated directly from payroll, so conctact HR or your directory coordinator for updates:

  • name
  • department

If your name changes (or in certain other circumstances) you may request that your UCInetID be changed. However, be advised that making the change will likely cause an amount of confusion as many campus systems will create a new account and delete your old one, and it can be difficult to manually migrate your data between accounts. You might instead consider adding a preferred (my.name) email address.