Connecting a Server

Connecting a Server / Obtaining a static IP address:

If you need static IP addresses for some computers, such as servers (if they need to keep the same IP address and have a hostname assigned to them), you'll need to follow a multi-step process submitting various forms/requests to OIT. We can help you get the information you need and navigate this process; open a ticket at

  1. Determine which network jacks are active in your space, and what IP Network Subnet they are activated on.
  2. Choose an Internet name for your device (e.g.,, and request an IP Address on the Subnet that is active in your space.
  3. Register the MAC (Ethernet hardware) address for your device and enter its newly-assigned IP Address.
  4. Configure your device to obtain its network address automatically from DHCP
  5. Connect your device to the network. You may need to reboot before the network starts working
  6. To access your computer from off-campus, use the UCI VPN
  7. For an Internet server, register for specific open ports in the campus border firewall
  8. Consider your Security / Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Plans
  9. Ensure your server receives regular security updates per UCI policy.