Duo Emergency Backup Codes

Duo emergency backup codes

To login with Duo Multi-Factor Authentication requires you to confirm your login with the Duo phone app, or enter a code from your Duo hardware token.

If you don't have your Duo hardware token or phone with you (or your phone gets replaced or reset), you can use one of your Duo emergency backup codes to login.

You'll need to generate these backup codes in advance. You've probably heard that you shouldn't write down your password, but these backup codes are an exception. You should definitely print these or write these down and keep them handy in a place where you can find them in an emergency, like your wallet, pocketbook, or purse. These are single-use codes, so after you use a code it cannot be used again.

To generate your backup codes:

  1. Visit this emergency backup codes page.
  2. Select the Generate button on the bottom of the page to receive 10 backup codes.
  3. Copy and paste the codes in a document, and then print the document.
    • Alternatively you can store the backup codes in your password vault like LastPass, BitWarden, KeePass etc.

More info: https://www.oit.uci.edu/mfa/duo-enroll/