Staff Remote Work from Mac

Remote Desktop for Mac

If you Engineering staff and have a Mac computer at home, here are instructions to use remote desktop to access your office PC.

Macs are a bit different, and we'll need to set up a couple things in advance:

  1. We need to set up a remote login password for your use
  2. We need to know the computer name of your office PC:

So first, contact and tell us you're wanting to remote work from your Mac so we can set things up for you. If you know the name of your office PC, please include it.

Install the UCI VPN

IMPORTANT: Download and install the VPN on your Laptop/Home Computer using the link below
Please remember that you must be connected to the VPN in order to connect to your work computer.

1.Open the Apple App Store
2. Search for Microsoft Remote Desktop
3. Launch the download
4. Select “add pc”
5. Enter your ip address or hostname (e.g.,
6. Click add
7. Double click on new connection window

8. Enter your Username as ENG\ucinetid (e.g., ENG\peterant), and enter the special password we provided earlier.

9.Click Continue

10. You should now be connected to your Office PC.